Nos couleurs tendances de l'Automne Hiver 2023

Our trendy colors for Fall Winter 2023

With each change of season, fashion reveals to us a new palette of colors, drawing the contours of our future wardrobes and reflecting the general mood of the moment. Bella Blue, your go-to brand for plus size fashion, is proud to present a beautiful new range of clothing for fall-winter 2023. With a variety of hues ranging from calming blue to vibrant orange to earthy shades of olive green and gray, every woman will be able to find the color that will flatter her and evoke her mood and personality.

Color, much more than a simple aesthetic choice

When wearing plus size and clothing in general, it's not just about following trends, but also understanding how certain shades can complement enhance a silhouette, flatter a skin tone or even how they can be combined to create visual harmony.

The choice of colors can thus become a wonderful tool for self-expression, allowing every woman to feel beautiful, confident and in tune with her style. This is why we are proud to offer you, season after season, refined collections that follow the trends while emphasizing what will best flatter you and this year we have focused on 5 trendy colors.

Le Bleu: An Ode to Elegance

Beyond the usual fashion cycles, blue evokes a depth and serenity that seem to fit particularly well with the general mood of this fall-winter season . It recalls the autumn sky, clear and pure, or the depth of the ocean in winter, mysterious and soothing. But beyond these natural associations, blue is also a symbol of confidence, stability and wisdom - qualities that we all seek to incorporate into our lives, and by extension, into our outfits.

In addition, blue has the unique ability to offer a wide range of shades, from delicate sky blue to deep navy blue, making it adaptable to almost anyone styles and all occasions. It's a color that effortlessly transcends seasons and trends, and always finds a place in our wardrobe.

haut bleu femme mi-saison

Bella Blue and the art of mastering blue

At Bella Blue, blue is not just another color in a collection. It’s a true source of inspiration that resonates particularly well with the essence of our brand (especially since there is the word blue in our brand name).

We remain fans of blue, and for this season we went for flowing dresses, blue tops and even denim jackets. Between prints and plains, we wanted to offer freshness and pieces suitable for every occasion this season. If you would like to discover the blue clothes from the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, we invite you to just click here.

Gray: Refined Neutrality

When it comes to colors that evoke sophistication, refinement and a certain form of timelessness, gray is undoubtedly on the podium. Far from the monotony with which we might instinctively associate it, gray proves to be one of the most versatile and adaptive colors in the fall-winter 2023 palette. It is not a bland shade, but an invitation to subtlety and elegance.

Grey: much more than just a neutral shade

Gray occupies a unique place in the color spectrum. Neither quite cold nor quite warm, it is that point of balance that offers a soft contrast with other shades, while remaining discreet enough to be the chameleon of any outfit. Fall/Winter 2023 sees incredible versatility in it, paying homage to its power of adaptation and its ability to create effortless harmony with other nuances.

From the silver shine of a winter morning to the charcoal gray of autumn nights, each shade evokes a moment, an emotion, a sensation. It is this richness that makes gray a must-have color of the season.

ensemble gris femme automne

Shades of gray at Bella Blue

We understand the power of gray and its ability to complement and highlight the silhouette of curvy women.This year's collection explores an extensive range of shades, from delicate pearl gray to deep charcoal gray. Each piece is designed to flatter, with fabrics and cuts that play with light and shadow to create the most flattering visual effect.

Let's imagine a polka dot top reminiscent of the holidays, a pretty gray cardigan to wear over other pieces or even a pretty long gray dress combining comfort and style, perfect for cool days. These pieces, and many others, reflect our desire to offer gray clothing that is both trendy and suitable for different body types. And there are many other pieces that you can discover in our new collection of clothing in gray.

Black: The Timeless

Black, a universal color that transcends seasons, eras and cultures. Its mysterious, deep and elegant aura has made it a fashion must-have since forever. Much more than a simple shade, black is a symbol, an emotion, a statement.

Black, a winter obviousness

While each color has its own vibration, black resonates with an energy that seems made for winter. It evokes long, deep nights, silhouettes that stand out in the morning fog, the warmth of a well-cut coat. In the bitter cold, black is a refuge, an embrace, a promise of comfort and warmth.

In fashion, black is synonymous with elegance. It flatters every silhouette, harmonizes every complexion, goes well with every color. It has this unique ability to create contrast or subtlety, depending on the associations. For the winter wardrobe, black is more than an option: it is a necessity.

haut noir femme automne hiver

Bella Blue's key pieces in black

Bella Blue embraces the majesty of black and integrates it perfectly into its fall-winter collection. We explore the potential of this color through key pieces that highlight the beauty of curvy women while remaining deeply rooted in current trends.

Imagine a draped black dress, combining fluidity and structure, for an elegant and contemporary silhouette or even an oversized black raincoat for bad weather. Wide-leg black pants, breezy shirts and prints complete this ode to black, each bringing its own nuance of elegance and style.

Through our new black pieces we want to transport you through textures , the cuts and the details, always with the promise of highlighting every woman, in all her splendor.

Green: Between Boldness and Elegance

Green, in all its splendor, symbolizes life, renewal and nature. Among our new green clothes, two shades in particular distinct colors stand out: olive green and turquoise green. These two shades, although different in tone, offer a chromatic richness that captures the very essence of winter: a harmony between depth and freshness.

veste courte verte femme automne

Olive Green

Deep, rich and captivating, olive green evokes the warmth of autumn forests, changing foliage and evenings by the fire. Its earthy sheen makes it a perfect shade for winter fashion, offering understated sophistication while remaining down-to-earth.

At Bella Blue, we recognized the potential of olive green and lovingly incorporated it into our collection. Whether it's a long jacket, a sleeveless green knit sweater or a flowing dress, this shade blends perfectly with the winter palette, while highlighting the generous curves of our clients.

Turquoise Green

On the opposite end of the spectrum, turquoise green brings a breath of fresh air to the winter palette. Evoking the color of tropical oceans, it is a reminder of summers past and a taste of summers to come. In the cold of winter, this dynamic and invigorating shade provides the perfect balance, reminding us that even in the coldest times, there is always a glimmer of hope.

At Bella Blue, turquoise green finds its place in rooms that seek to stand out. Imagine a pretty turquoise blouse or a turquoise coat with darker complexions, they are designed for daring women, those who are not afraid to show their bright personality even in the heart of the 'winter.

But apart from these 2 greens we also offer other greens such as a magnificent pine green, in all cases Bella Blue offers its customers a range of choices that ranges from subtle refinement to joyful exuberance, always with the promise of quality, comfort and elegance.

Orange: The Radiance of Autumn

Orange is that bold hue that embodies the energy, vitality and passion of fall. Evoking color-changing leaves, balmy evenings and pumpkins adorning porches, this vibrant color has always had a special place in the hearts of many fashion lovers.

The triumphant return of orange

Orange, with its solar radiance and warmth, is a symbol of joy, festivity and optimism. In a constantly changing world, where fashion seasons come and go at dizzying speed, orange offers comforting consistency. It is a reminder of the simple pleasures of life, times spent with loved ones and traditions that are dear to us. For the fall-winter 2023 season, this color has been brought up to date, not as a simple nostalgic reminder, but as a bold statement of individuality and personal expression.

impermeable orange femme oversize

Bella Blue and the magic of orange

Aware of the visual and emotional impact of this shade, Bella Blue enthusiastically embraced orange in its new collection. This color offers a fantastic opportunity to stand out, express their confidence and zest for life.

Imagine a pretty orange sweater or even a wonderful orange dress, by integrating orange into our palette, through our new orange pieces we invite you to celebrate the beauty of fall and embrace joy and live each moment with passion.


By exploring the rich color palette of the fall-winter 2023 season, you can find outfits and harmonize the colors of your wardrobe your way. From the quiet elegance of blue to the subtle refinement of gray to the bold vibrancy of orange, each color tells a story, evokes an emotion and offers an opportunity to shine.

We encourage you to dive into these on-trend shades, mix, match, and most importantly, find the colors you'd love to wear.So don't hesitate to explore our new Fall Winter 2023 collection and let yourself be inspired by the diversity of colors, designs and shapes of our clothes.

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