Chemises pour l'automne-hiver

Une chemise c'est l'article passe-partout, que vous ayez envie de la porter seule ou de la porter par dessus d'autres pièces, nous avons quelques chemises susceptibles de vous plaire !

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Beautiful Blue

Be more, be extra!

Bella Blue is a brand of plus size women's clothing for over twenty years. We are a small designer brand that offers original designs and prints including mainly plus size dresses, loose blouses and shirts, oversized coats and many other wardrobe essentials which are intended for curved silhouettes as some would say.

Our clothes are atypical to say the least, our pieces often have a twist, a little something that we ourselves have difficulty expressing but among other extras, but the desire is there to bring out the charm and personality of our customers. Our models appeal, trendy clothing, whether for the quality of the fabrics and patterns but above all for the comfort and the effects they give on our customers. Once the items are worn, it looks really pretty and lovely on the curves. We have very positive feedback from our customers who feel magnificent and sublime through our pieces, often accompanied by compliments from loved ones in terms of shapes and impressions. We are proud of our work and we are committed to improving ourselves in order to present models and looks that will appeal to our customers.

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