Brand history

Bella Blue is a brand created more than 20 years ago. Our customers have always appreciated our know-how, our soft and qualitative fabrics which make it possible to highlight the silhouettes of each one and especially our clothes remain very long within the wardrobes.

Some tell us of their purchase of more than 10 years ago for certain parts and come regularly to take a look at our new parts. The designs are original and once our items are made there is generally no restocking, which makes them unique products and gives a look as resplendent as it is refreshing.

"Your clothes look like paintings"

Shapes and patterns are a game of perceptions and interpretations, the exercise of which brings out one's sensitivity and artistic soul. Our clients feel intrigued, perplexed, fascinated and there are always pieces that catch the eye, those that in our eyes have an irresistible, subtle, inexplicable and unparalleled charm. Subsequently they will identify, relate and connect to a feeling in suspense. Finally, they will want to reflect, transpose, represent and arouse this impression and these emotions in others.

"The designs are distinctive and exotic"

An exotic, exotic and stimulating atmosphere that stimulates the imagination and invites you to travel and discover. Criss-crossing the space with her feelings, clients will feel transported with enthusiasm for an unforgettable journey. Singular, unique, modern, trendy, original, special, contemporary, different, unusual, unusual, atypical, are just a few adjectives that come to mind when we think of our creative and extravagant designs.

Lovely, magnificent, splendid, sublime models

Our clients strut their stuff with panache and pride in designs that will highlight their personality and portrayal of beauty. They are sure to receive compliments from loved ones, contemplation from passers-by, and feel confident and valued.

Loose, wide, spacious clothing = our standard

Our clients feel at ease, comfortable, relaxed, and move freely without being compressed. This facilitates well-being and daily movements, whether at work or at home. Pleasant to wear clothes that fit different shapes and morphologies, the silhouettes are sublimated and highlighted in order to underline the natural charm that our customers have.

Colourful, punchy, colorful, picturesque, varied, motley

Wearing color means having the audacity to be yourself, defying habits and it's a wonderful way to brighten up, embellish and embellish your day and your daily life. We suddenly feel more joyful and playful by putting color in our life. But it doesn't stop there, as soon as you wear one of our outfits you get the tremendous ability to smile, our customers unwittingly spread their kindness, good humor and enthusiasm to the people around them.

Gently accompanied through change, we especially like shimmering colors which have a comforting side, clients feel carried by a spirit of renewal, they feel overwhelmed as if they were watching a sunset with a light and pleasant breeze caressing their faces. Maybe you'll be the next to shine and reveal your personality with serenity and confidence?